Wednesday, June 2, 2010


You know by now how "into" the upcycled craze I am. Once your little girl (or boy!) puts on an upcycled dress or skirt there's no going back. They are about as comfortable and cute as you can get. We just got back from Disney and while there I think Anna wore an upcycled outfit at least once a day (lilblueboo, mudpuddlz, okeedokeekids, sorenlorensendesign and the list goes on!) One thing we took that we adored were upcycled shorts (Mickey & Minnie) from ADORABLE!! These are so cute and comfy I must get more!! She's also doing cute spaghetti strap dresses and super fun rompers (if you can get your hands on one!) Get there quick, suddenly they are going like wildfire! (Find her on Facebook, probably could get a custom romper if you asked real nice --- like we do!!)

Oh, BTW, check out our shoes on the model above (

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