Wednesday, December 31, 2008

To Die For!

You have to check out these baby/toddler (up to 5T) jackets at Besides being just oh so adorable, they match perfectly with our shoes! Here's the bumblebee Jacket (~$45 with our shoes ~$27)
And this gorgeous Ladybug jacket (~$29) with our ladybug maryjanes (~27)Visit AnneGeddes for the jackets and for the shoes!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby Time

As winter comes, so do the baby showers. And at we've just the gift to make the perfect impression! Be unique and gift a quality, affordable but original gift this year! Pictured is our cow baby layette with sneakers, bib, onesie and matching canvas bag. This design comes in 4 different colors (or choose any design you like!) Prefer soft booties to sneakers? We have that too! And don't forget the bloomers!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Car Seat Covers

Boy, we've had our carseats for quite awhile now and probably for awhile more. They are the Britax Roundabout and go up to 40 lbs. John just got to 40 lbs and Anna is at 30 lbs (they're 5) So I think we'll have (at least Anna's) for a long long time. If you saw them you would know that it's about time we buy what this shop offers! Go see the custom car seat covers at shop!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Recycled Wrappers

How's this for fun, imaginative and just plain cool! Recycled wrappers made into purses, clutches, wallets, bracelets & belts! Check out this Reese's Purse for $15!
And the Cheeto's Belt for $12!See all of these products and more at

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside!

And getting colder by the day! Here's some great sweaters! A Celtic Inspired gorgeous sweater by, $59
A Norwegian Sweater for $97 at
A handknit Irish/Aran cardigan sweater at for $45

Friday, December 26, 2008

101 Free Things to do with your Kids!

Christmas / Winter Break is upon us! What to do, what to do? Here's some fun ideas (101 free things to do with kids!)

Play "Rock, Paper, Scissors"
Arm wrestle
Thumb wrestle
Push palms together to see who can push the hardest
Stack hands one atop the other, pulling out the hand at the bottom and bringing it up top
Stack fists, using same rules as above
Stack arms, similarly
Play with your child's hair
Let your child play with your hair
Draw a letter on your child's back with a finger and see if he or she can guess
Draw a letter instead on your child's arm
Have your child draw a letter on your arm or back, and you do the guessing
Take off your shoe and have your child practice shoe-tying
Take off your child's shoe and find a different way to lace it
Take off your child's shoes and sock and use the socks as puppets
Use your wristwatch to give a lesson in telling time
Use your wristwatch to time things going on around you
Let your child try on your wristwatch
Let your child try on your jewelry
Count by twos, threes, fives, tens
Count backward from 100
Pick a number between one and 10
Teach the 9 times table trick
Give a math equation for your child to figure mentally
Give a string of math equations and ask for the answer at the end
Make up math story problems
Say words to spell
Say words to rhyme with
Play "I Spy"
Try some tongue twisters
Play "I Went to ..."
Sing some silly songs (softly)
Do songs with hand motions, with and without the words
Play "20 Questions"
Look for things out the window
Play paddycake
Teach your child some clapping games
Have your child teach you some clapping games
Whisper secrets, silly and serious
Say "Tell you tell me three things you did today"
Tell a story, taking turns one sentence at a time
Write a poem, taking turns one sentence at a time
Hide something (even just your thumb) in one fist -- guess which hand?
Count your change
Count your currency
Make a stack or a snake with loose change
Fold or roll up currency
Make a pattern, train, or house out of credit cards.
Show your child the pictures in your wallet (yes, even your driver's license)
Try to remember one of your child's favorite storybooks; let your child correct your mistakes.
See how your child looks in your glasses
Give an invisible manicure
Give an invisible pedicure
Get an invisible manicure or pedicure
Have your child name all his or her classmates
See how many people your child can name in your extended family
See how many birthdates of friends and family your child can recall
Name a relative's birth year and have your child figure out how old; invent relatives if necessary
Guess what the people around you do for a living
Make a Christmas or birthday wish list
Count how many words you can spot -- on signs, posters, clothes
Make faces
Play Straight Face
Try to make each other laugh -- last one wins
Have a staring contest
Have your child narrate a favorite movie
Interview your child for a TV news show
Speak Pig Latin
Play "Truth or Dare"
Make up your own secret code
Think of rhyming words for items around you
Take turns naming words for a letter of the alphabet; last one to think of a word wins, and you move to the next letter
Same as above, but with rhymes
Same as above, but with entries in categories
Explain the meaning of various figures of speech
Make up silly similes
Make a puppet face with your fist, with your thumb as the lower jaw
Flip a coin
Do "This little piggy" on feet or hands
Give a backrub
Get a backrub
Crawl fingers up your child's back or arm like a spider
Make up an acronym for your child's name, and the names of other family members
Ask for favorites: TV show, movie, book, color, game, animal, friend
Play peek-a-boo
Give your child the name of an object and ask what color it is, what letter it starts with, what shape it is, if it's heavy or light
Go on a "hike" with your two fingers walking over your child's arms, shoulders and head
Break an egg over your child's head by rapping it gently with your fist and then opening your hand to make the egg roll down the face
Do charades
Be mirror images
Play "Simon Says" on a smale scale.
Throw an imaginary ball
Blow imaginary bubbles
Blow a raspberry on your child's arm
"Steal" your child's nose
Be a little goldfish
Do "Here is the church, here is the steeple," or make your own version for another building
Try guided relaxation
Practice breathing techniques
Repeat what the other person says; repeat what the other person says.
See who can go the longest without talking

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last minute gift idea kids can make!

Well, it's Christmas eve and Uncle Henry just called to say he's stopping by with gifts for the kids (and you've nothing for him!) Here's a last minute gift idea that your kids can make:

Family Calendar
With digital photos and/or your child's drawings, you can make a calendar that will please the recipient all year long.
Materials needed:

24 pieces of 8 1/2" by 11" colored paper or card stock
A drawing or photo to illustrate each month
Printable calendar pages from Microsoft Word or a specialized calendar software program. You can also find free downloadable calendar templates online. Try Time and or Free printable calendar templates from
a hole punch
colored yarn
glue stick

Select a favorite photo or drawing to illustrate each month.
Have your child glue the drawing or photo on to the colored paper or card stock
Mount the calendar page for each month on to a piece of colored paper or card stock
For each month, you can highlight important family dates, such as birthdays and anniversaries, as well as holidays.
With a ruler, measure two inches from each edge at the top of the paper and mark with your pencil.
With a hole punch, make two holes, each one at the two inch mark, as described above.
With the yarn, tie your calendar pages together.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last minute gift (for you!)

Okay, so it might be too late to order gifts to give for Christmas Day (unless you do over night shipping--which can be done!) Still in the mood to shop? Then head on over to to reward yourself for a change! From clothes to comfy sheets to fabulous jewelry, there's something there for you! Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 22, 2008

It's not too late!

So you've really waited until the last minute, haven't you! Well, to the rescue! Order by 3:00 PM and you can still get delivery by the 24th with 2 day shipping! Here's some ideas!

Now get shopping!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Wall Decal Fun

Speaking of wall decals, check these custom creations out at

This beautiful Pohutukawa is New Zealand's native Christmas tree. In the depths of the pacific the sun shines brightly at Christmas time and Pohutukawa flowers glisten bright red on our bright blue coastlines.Our version is hand painted and printed onto a very fine fabric vinyl that is removable and re positionable, it will wrap around corners, it wont crease or rip and best of all wont damage your space.This tree in all its full flower glory stands at a proud 75"/75" which is a massive 1.9m/1.9m (approx) The wall graphics will arrive on backing paper 3 branches and approx 80 flowers to create a unique artwork in your space. $155 but well worth the $$. Many more to choose from!

Wall Decor for Kids

Okay, Christmas and the holidays should be set by now, right? (let's hope so!) And if you need something fast you'll probably have to run to the local mall or Walmart to get it now. So let's go in a different direction. With all the new toys, games and what not the kids are getting this year you may want to give their rooms a little sprucing up too. There's nothing easier than to add some removeable wall decals & stickers. It's cheap, fun and the kids can help! Here's a site that offers a lot of choices for kids: And I've shown a couple of the cooler choices below.

First, Letters!! We all love the giant wooden letters but these are even more fun. They are removeable and inexpensive ($5.99 each.)

And for your tween's room, how about purple leopard! What fun (and it's NOT permanent!)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Urban Baby

Do you consider yourself to be hip and up with the latest style trends? Well, even if you're not, you're sure to find something you like over at They have everything from clothes, to toys, to maternity wear to these funky accessories for baby! I LOVE the monster hat set ($25.99):And don't forget your little fashionista, here's a skull hat for $16.99.And for you this "peace out" changing pad and diaper tote!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hand carved wooden puzzles & toys

I love these hand carved wooden trucks and puzzles (there are so many to choose from you'll have to visit to see for yourself) I picked just a few to showcase but there must be 60 puzzles and as many carved wooden toys. These make great gifts! I think they'd be fun for the little ones to paint too, with the puzzles on sale for just $6, it'll make a great project for winter break!

Remember, don't forget us at It may be late but I bet there are a variety of styles we can get out to you in time for Christmas, just ask!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Capelets & "The Lauren"

Check out these adorable capelets (many colors to choose from) at They run about $24.00 and are very unique and lovely. This is the shop with the famous 1960's style Lauren dress (as written about on other blogs including mymomshops!) The dress runs $48 but is oh so worth it!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fun personalized gifts! is the place to go for cool personalized coloring books (just $6.95!!) unique books, growth charts and more. These are really great items, perfect for gift giving or just to have. Everything is personalized throughout, not just on the cover. Take a look at their samples, you will be impressed and will be hardpressed not to order something! For Christmas delivery, order by the 20th!

Poingo Reading System

Looking for a last minute gift that will please the parents as much as the child? Then look no further than the mypoingo reading system for ages 3 - 7. This set comes with 2 books, the reader pen and retails for about $35. (Available at and toys r us.) You can find it for under $30 at your local Costco.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Hot Deals!

First, how about this one! $9.99 for the My Girl Gourmet set! Wow, now that IS the lowest price I've seen. And don't forget about Amazon's free super saver shipping for orders over $25!
And look at this Martian Matters set! Just saw it in Toys R Us for much more. Here it's just $8.99! Hurry, they won't last!

Just thinking ahead...

When I think of the holidays, I think of........stuff! Yes, more stuff than I have a place for, toys everywhere, decorations underfoot, loot, junk, stuff! Aaahhhhh. Well, here's one for thinking ahead. All available at or in the store!

Underbed storage for $15Toy storage for $38Pull cart storage for $28Toy mesh (in stores only) $5

Monday, December 15, 2008

Customized Diaper Bags

Beautifully crafted and personalized diaper bags for just $28.99? Yes, absolutely! Here are 2 to choose from, both include the changing pad, the brown & pink tote also includes a cosmetic bag. See everything to choose from at

Be sure to fill them with all our cute baby layette and baby shoes at!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Love this wall hanging by, at just $12.00 you can pick the colors and personalize it for your little princess. Definitely a find!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lighted Disney Tree

My parents bought this tree this year instead of a regular tree. It fits nicely in their home, gives it a festive feel and the kids LOVE it! Well, really, who wouldn't? It's Disney! And all the characters come to life from Pluto to Belle to Mickey himself! Maybe add this to your decor this year. See it at

Crowns for Princesses and Princes

Adorable crowns for your little prince or princess from Reasonably priced at $14, they're a great find and a cool and unique gift. Pair them up with those capes I keep telling you about ( and you will have a gift to remember for the holidays, birthdays or anytime!

Friday, December 12, 2008

2008 Ultimate Holiday Guide


Scarves are the rage this year and I think every girl (little or big) wants at least one! Here's a favorite from featuring cute santas for just $15!

This cute plaid scarf from for $14.50 is one you'll see around alot this year.
But seems to have them all on price (just $5!)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Crocs for Christmas

Check out the latest boots styles at! Here is the Nadia for girls ($49.99) and of course the mammoth (in Hannah Montana style!) for $34.99! See all the styles and choose some fun shoes for you and your whole family!