Sunday, August 31, 2008

Boo! Necklace that is!

Boooooo! How about this scary treat?! I think it's adorable! A fun silver ghost necklace for just $12!! Visit to view this and their whole fun line!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Max and Ruby Halloween

My kids have come to love Max & Ruby (thanks Pam!) Well, since the season is almost upon us I thought I'd like to share a DVD to get your child well on their way to M&R fans! Just $9.99 at
And don't forget your chance to win Snanimals cow sneakers! Post a comment on the post below from August 27th for your chance to win!
In Delaware? Come visit us at the Arden Fair today! Great priced shoes and hair accessories!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Giant Floor Puzzles

My kids love farms and animals and puzzles too! What better combination than this giant floor puzzle from!

A giant 2' x 3' puzzle with some mix and match pieces (can interchange some faces!) Lots of fun for just $15! Check them out today!
And don't forget our giveaway! A pair of our cow sneakers in your choice of colors! Post a comment on the post below from the 27th! Include your email address and color choice/size and you might win them!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Are you a member yet?

Are you a member of Upromise? If not, check them out It's really easy to sign up and earn money toward's your child's education. I have my grocery cards on there and earn a little bit through that but much of the hundreds (yes hundreds!) I have earned has been through my usual online shopping.

I do alot of shopping online, sometimes site to store shipping, etc. and for each purchase like that (through a participating store) I earn from 1 to 8% or more back into my upromise account! So, if you're heading to Walmart, Target, Circuit City, etc., go through your upromise site and buy it there. Ship it to the store if you like so there's no shipping fees and you have just gotten free money toward's your child's education!
Don't forget our contest below to win a pair of Snanimals sneakers! Just post your comment there and you'll be entered. Do so before next Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Snanimals Giveaway!!

Okay, here we go. Our first giveaway!! We are giving away a pair of our fabulous cow sneakers, your choice of pink, blue, green, yellow or purple in infant/toddler sizes 1 - 10!

Here's what you need to do: Visit and comment on this post about your favorite item we sell (other than the cow!) One entry per person UNLESS you have your own blog. If so, post this contest with the link on your blog and you get 2 more entries (once you have posted your entry on your blog, enter 2 more times here with your blog name!)

You must put your email address in the post along with the color/size you choose. We will pick a winner on Wednesday, September 3rd so you must enter by midnight EST on Tuesday the 2nd.

So enter now and post this on a blog you have or know and get 2 additional entries! Random drawing will choose the winner!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bugs Bugs and More Bugs!

Bugs Bugs Bugs! My son (and nephew) loves bugs! They love to look at them, learn about them, capture them, you name it! Well now at they have a 72 piece collection of every bug you could possibly want at just $19.95! They are also offering free shipping on orders over $79! Check them out!
Also: For the locals to Delaware! If you are looking to buy, sell or rent a home please visit our website at!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Custom Silhouette Pendants

I have found something I must have. For me, it will be an extra special keepsake. At they are offering one of a kind custom silhouette pendants mady by Whitney Phippen.

Whitney will lovingly turn your child (or significant other, pet etc.), young or old, into a stylish, keepsake pendant for you to love and cherish. All we need is a profile photo. Antique drapery rings make the frames. The image is coated with a thin layer of resin to protect your loved one and the back is covered with decorative paper such as antique sheet music, book pages, and beautiful prints.

Starting at $48 I find these unique, precious gifts to be entirely affordable. I must begin my search for a profile picture of Emma, who will you do yours of?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Wonder Bear Book

This book comes available on September 18th and I definitely think it'll be one to add to our library. It doesn't have any words in it, just pictures that tell a story. Just let your child's imagination run wild and the book will be different each time it is read. Let them help you describe what it going on!

Two kids plant mysterious seeds (all that’s pictured on the envelope is a blue top hat), and up grows a remarkable flowering vine, out of which emerges an even more remarkable big white bear. On his head is the top hat—a hat that allows him to work all kinds of magic that day. He pulls monkey after monkey from the hat, blows bubbles in amazing shapes, and transforms flowers into spectacular floating sea creatures.
The two kids are wide-eyed with wonder, and you will be too. This is a dazzling debut—a vibrant, welcoming, strikingly original picture book
Available at or other retailers.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Luxury with Cashmere at AlexCaseyBaby

Wrap your baby up in this delectible cashmere hoodie and have them proudly show their "mommy" or "daddy" tatoo! Yes it's expensive ($155) but they're worth it!
All the Hollywood "It" babies are doing it! Each one of these cashmere treasures is a work of art in itself with little bits of love knit into each stitch. Knit in a luxurious 2 ply premium cashmere with yummy velvety soft chenille designs, these sweaters are sure to stop stroller traffic en route to those extra special sandbox socials!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Magnetic Blocks at

John LOVES building with blocks. All sorts of blocks, megablock, kid k'nex, duplo, lego. You name it, he loves to build with it. He loves the variety and the different things he can do with different blocks. I'm always on the look out for other fun blocks he can build with. It's great because he can use his imagination (he's always building ships and tractors, etc.) but it also helps with fine motor skills and co-ordination. Can't beat that!
Well, over at they have some great magnetic blocks for just $17.99 and magnetic shapes for under $14! I know there are hours of fun just waiting for kids with these!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Children's Name Necklace at

I love little girl's jewelry and always think it looks so sweet. Anna has yet to wear jewelry without trying to break (or eat!) it! Even so, after seeing this necklace I may be tempted to purchase it for her anyway. I love the beads and the letters and think it's a great gift for a little (or big!) girl.
So, if you see Anna in school with a fun name necklace, you'll know we got it at !

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wubanubs at

Wubanubs provide a great way for baby to hold their binkies in place. Boy, we sure could have used these for John when he was little. In the NICU the nurses were fashioning all sorts of things to help hold his paci in place. It was funny after awhile!! He was there over 3 months so there were many new inventions each week. But I have to say, the Wubanub would have beaten all of them!! And at $10 each, they are definitely affordable!

Here we show the frog and the red dog (reminds me of Clifford!) says: WubbaNub™ medical grade silicone pacifiers are designed to soothe baby, are easy for tiny hands to grip, and help keep pacis securely in place as baby drifts off to sleep. Plush pacifiers equal peaceful little peas.

Lots of great baby items be sure to see them all.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CWDKids & Snanimals

Fall is almost here and everyone seems to be putting out their lines for back to school. While browsing CWD Kids catalog I found that, at least with their line, animals are in! And for just about every item of clothing they offer, we have a matching shoe that makes the outfit spark! Just check out their adorable giraffe t shirt (just $20!) and match it up with our giraffe sneakers (or maryjanes!)

There's so many more. From Cheetahs to Zebras, pumpkins to spiders and everything in between, you'll find shoes to match the styles from at How about our popular Anna Banana Monkey Sneakers matched with their monkey sweater! Have fun shopping!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bumpy Name Orbit Labels

Ever get the kids' cups mixed up and wonder which one belongs to you? How about when you go out or send your cup along to school or daycare? Here's an ingenious idea that is cute and fun too. Bumpy Name Labels for cups, sippy cups or bottles. Get them in 1 or more lines (special instructions, allergies, etc. can be listed!)

BumpyName orbit labels were invented by a mom. They were designed to fit the traditional 4oz. baby bottle and can stretch to accommodate the needs of a child's changing drink container. These labels fit all sippy cups and a variety of sport bottles. They can be interchanged being that they are non-adhesive and reusable - what a great change from the traditional method of one-time use sticky labels! BumpyName orbit labels are also great for labeling shampoos and toiletry containers for camp and college bound kids. They are a great gift idea for any age!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sweet hand made baby blankets

My kids love their blankets and I know many kids do. We especially cherish those that are hand made or special in some way. So when browsing Etsy I happened to come across and found that they make many different and precious blankets for baby. Pictured is their Hoppy Bunny Blanket that sells for $22.00. Also available are frogs, dogs, bears, ducks and more. They are very reasonably priced and offer such sweet designs that they make a wonderful gift for that new mom or mom to be.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fun Costumes at Pottery Barn Kids

We've been happily browsing catalogs, looking online and in stores for ideas for costumes this Halloween. We're leaning towards a shark for John, not sure about Anna. I guess some type of pink princess but we'll see. I really love these costumes from Pottery Barn Kids ( that are just plain fun. What are you thinking about for Halloween?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Cozy Leg warmers for back to school

Ahhh yes, it's hot now but we all know what's coming. And boy, it sure does come quickly (might I say there's barely more than 4 months till Christmas & the holidays.....) The coooolllllll weather! I love summer but know that we have to get ready for the chilly days ahead. And what better way to do so than fashionably with these adorable leg warmers by!

These owls are a whoot at just $9 a pair! Can't you see these under an adorable dress!!

And these dots are adorable! I totally see Anna being the school trend setter in these!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back to School sale at cocotier kids!

I love a sale, especially when it's on the latest styles and fashions for back to school! I can find clearance on summer clothes but that's not what I'm buying now (well, okay I am, but I also need fall fashions too!) Lucky me to find 25% off at for all back to school outfits!

I love this blossom dress. Soft and fun and perfect for school, fall or anytime!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Upscale Baby Strollers at

Are you looking for luxury? Well look no further than and their line of Mutsy strollers! At $759, this will set you back a pretty penny, but it certainly does seem worth it!

The Urban Rider Next version has a luxurious leather handle and comes with the upscale "Joey" bassinet and seat, features strikingly clean lines for a distinctive urban-chic feel. The Urban Rider's extraordinary swivel frame ensures smooth and convenient maneuverability. The large pneumatic tires make it suitable for any terrain, and give baby an extremely comfortable ride whether on the beach or through the neighborhoods and shopping malls. A second set of smaller, full-swivel front wheels gives you optimum mobility in the city when you need it. The flexibility and functionality of the Urban Rider make this an ideal stroller, suitable for any environment.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tropic Thunder

We have been asked by the down syndrome association to post about the movie Tropic Thunder and they're request to boycott the movie due to the demeaning portrayal of people with intellectual disabilities.

As many of you know, my daughter Anna has down syndrome so I am passing along the request to all of you. Here is their fact sheet:

Author – Patricia Bauer

Here’s some data on "Tropic Thunder," collected by reporter Patricia Bauer at an advanced screening of “Tropic Thunder” arranged by DreamWorks/Paramount on August 8th.


“Tropic Thunder” is a big-budget, R-rated summer comedy made by DreamWorks/Paramount and directed and co-written by Ben Stiller, who also stars. The movie plot centers on a group of pampered actors who are lost in the jungle while making a war movie. Stiller’s character, Tugg Speedman, is presented as a fading action hero who earlier failed in his bid for Oscar glory while portraying "Simple Jack," a character with an intellectual disability. Speedman’s portrayal of "Simple Jack" is featured as a movie within the movie.

A national coalition of disability advocacy groups has objected to the frequent use of the word “retard” in “Tropic Thunder” and its promotional materials. Early promotion of the film described "Simple Jack" as a “retard” and an elaborate DreamWorks marketing website that was taken down this week in response to complaints carried the tagline “Once upon a time … There was a retard.”

One scene that has been much discussed on the internet is the one in which Robert Downey Jr.’s character advises Stiller’s character to “Never go full retard.”

The term “retard” has been characterized by disability rights advocates as hate speech that heaps insult and possible harm on a group that has a long history of being stigmatized and vulnerable. They compare it with racial, ethnic and sexual epithets and stereotypes that have historically been used by majority groups to target and humiliate minority groups.

Studio executives have said the film is a comic satire intended to josh actors and the entertainment industry, not people with disabilities. They say the film plays broadly for laughs, offers equal offense to all groups, and is intended only as entertainment without a deeper subtext.

Stiller’s performance as "Simple Jack" is visible in the film from beginning to end, and provides a critical plot point needed to advance the film to its conclusion. The plot involving "Simple Jack," and Stiller’s portrayal of the character, occupy close to 30 minutes of screen time. In character, Stiller speaks in a stilted, stuttering, adenoidal fashion, and wears overalls, bad false teeth and a classic institutional bowl haircut.

The film premieres Monday and is scheduled for nationwide release on Wednesday. As of this writing, promised screenings of the film for disability rights advocates have been postponed until Monday, the day the film premieres.

Monday, August 11, 2008


On the theme of planes, trains and automobiles (from my last post) I found this beautiful airplane rocker, a little young for John but perfect for baby or toddler's room. Of course I say too young for John but something tells me he'd still love it!

They also have a gorgeous train, car, fire engine, carousel horse and so many more. Check out, it's a wonderful store with lots of kids' room ideas.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Flying Zoo

I love these flying animals and objects for kid's room and playrooms. We have the airplane (shown) and really, they look great and are a lot of fun. I originally bought it for John's room because I planned to do a planes, trains & automobiles room. Haven't gotten that far yet so it's hanging in the play room. But they really love it there so if I do John's room I'll have to get another to replace the plane in the playroom.

Visit to see all the fun animals and objects that are available.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Great Party Invitations

Check out these lovely, hand made party invitations with matching party favor tags (set up 20.) There are many different styles, birthday for boys and girls, sweet sixteens, moving announcements and many more!

Friday, August 8, 2008

True Confessions!

Wow, my friend's daughter, Lara Zeises, has written a few books. One that she wrote under her pseudo name (Lola Douglas) is True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet. Well, this book has been turned into a movie on the Lifetime Network and it premeres tomorrow night!!

Written by Lara (from Delaware) and starring Valerie Bertinelli (also from Delaware) should help to put us on the map!!

Definitely set your TiVo or watch tomorrow night at 9:00!! Here's Lara's Blog:

Just thinking ahead....

Before we know it, school will be here, Labor Day and then Halloween! It's not too early to start looking for costumes. We don't know what the kids want to be in this household yet but I like to look around to give them options. Although they're not babies anymore, I found these adorable Tom Arma Costumes at They're irresistable!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Learn Proper British

Just for fun! Here's a line that teaches proper British and is loads of fun. Just a few shown here but definitely head on over to to see their full line!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More backpacks from Bratsacks!

In our quest for new backpacks we found the Stephen Joseph ones I posted about previously (that we ordered for Anna) but still wanted something special and different for John. Well, I found one that we really like and they are hand made backpacks from They also have an online shop at etsy at We ordered John a custom tractor like the one shown.

They make kids and toddler sizes in many different colors and styles. You're sure to find a style you like!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Erin

Today would be a special little girl's 8th birthday. Erin Brennan would have celebrated in style today with plenty of fanfare, Hannah Montana and everything else girly that 8 year olds love. But instead, she will be remembered by her family and her friends and aquaintences (such as I am.)

So, if you have a chance today, say a prayer for Erin's family who miss her tremendously and maybe visit her carepage: and leave the family a note that you were thinking of them today.

I know, from experience, that losing a child is about the worse that can happen to someone. So all the prayers and kind words really do help.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Free Melisaa & Doug at GummyLump!

Just was ordering some play food and toys for Anna and John's birthday and was pleasantly surprised by the sale at! They not only have 20% off all Melissa and Doug, they also have free shipping over $75 (yeah!) AND if you order 3 food items from the Melissa and Doug line you get the forth (food groups--pictured) free! How's that for a great sale!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fun T's for Back to School

Here are a few cute and different t-shirts found at shop! Shown here are her Bear and Beaver T's, each $18.00. Also seen was a cute puppy and a blackbird. Very sweet and a little bit different, you won't find these at the local store!

Friday, August 1, 2008

CARES // Kids Fly Safe

Wow, what a great idea! We flew to Disney the past two years and both times I had to drag on our car seat for Anna to sit in. There is no way in this world that she wouldn't wiggle out of the airplane seat and take off down the aisle so I had no choice (if we wanted to be allowed to remain on the plane!) Having a special needs child, you sometimes have to make special arrangements.

But now, with Kids fly safe ( we won't have to take the car seat any more. And not just for Anna, wanting all kids to be safe onboard is a good thing! This amazing product straps in your child safely in the seat! Here is their take:

Forget about hauling a heavy, bulky car seat through crowded airports and narrow airplaine aisles. There's a better way to keep your young children safe while flying. CARES (Child Aviation Restraint System) is designed specially for airplanes and is FAA certified as having an equivalent level of safety to a car seat for all phases of flight. CARES is manufactured by AmSafe, the foremost manufacturer of airplane seatbelts and other safety restraints. Best of all, CARES weighs only 1 lb, fits in a 6" carrying case, fits all airplane seats and takes a mere 1 minute to install.

So, if you're planning airplane travel in the coming months, and your child is 44 lbs or less, make the smart (and easy!) choice by using cares!